Episode-A-Day! MASK, Ep. 18: “Bad Vibrations”

OK, let’s just get this out of our system now:

Whew. I dunno, man good vibrations, bad vibrations, sexy vibrations…I always think Marky Mark.

So let’s get to MASK Ep.18…”Bad Vibrations”!


We are in Hong Kong where Matt Trakker is guest of honor at the grand opening of the business center because of all he’s done for Hong Kong. Not a joke. Matt Trakker is not the patron saint of Hong Kong.

As he and Scott are about to cut the ribbon to open the building for business, there’s what appears to be an earthquake. Everybody flees as the brand new building crumples. Alex, who was there to celebrate Matt being Mr. Perfect, finds a hollow brick in the rubble and by using brainpower and silly putty is able to deduce that there was some kind of pyramid-shaped electrical device that caused the collapse of this building.

Matt calls in for the MASK agents best suited for this mission while I present to you some rare footage of Matt Trakker:

OK, we’re back.

VENOM is the one setting up this destruction device, but they’re actually working for a man named Julian Fong who is a Hong Kong businessman looking to get revenge on people who have wronged him throughout his life.

MASK is able to figure out one of his next targets and stop it just in the nick of time and Fong is arrested, but unfortunately, VENOM gets away.


I cannot under any circumstance understand just how or why Matt Trakker is basically the most important and influential man in the world. What the fuck is he doing flying around in a stupid mask and fighting bad guys? If he’s so important, why doesn’t he just do a commercial telling people to report Miles Mayhem if they see him and send the cops? Does Trakker not believe in cops?

Or is he secretly working with VENOM? It’s gotta be that. I swear I’m right.

Also, this episode take place in Hong Kong and there are zero Asian people. That’s odd.


Have a working smoke detector in the area when you’re making repairs to T-Bob. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

*3/4*. There’s really not a lot of thought that goes into these episodes at all. And there’s never any kind of continuing theme besides Scott and T-Bob never getting to play MASK. We’re back to getting really hard to watch again.

Oh well…almost a third of the way through this series. I genuinely cannot wait for this to be over. After a really long time of “should I, shouldn’t I” buy this off Amazon, it seems that this will turn out a dud. Hopefully, whatever I go to next will be better.

❤ Joe

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