Episode-A-Day! MASK, Ep. 17: “Mystery of the Rings”

Welcome back to another exciting edition of a MASK episode per day! There’s a new epsiode of the podcast coming today so stay tuned, but hopefully, this will keep you busy in the meantime.

So let’s solve “The Mystery of the Rings”!


Matt Trakker is a VIP at a renaissance faire in England because of the many factories and jobs he has provided the country. Yo, for real…who the fuck is Matt Trakker?!

The Duke of England tells Matt of a recent wave of robberies of important artifacts and also mentions the legend of the 3 rings. Matt calls in the MASK agents best suited for the mission as Duke explains that one ring was stolen, is worn on the finger of the Duke and the other has been missing for generations.

The Duke goes out for a drive and is kidnapped and poisoned by VENOM who steal his ring. MASK tries to find the missing ring, but an archeologist hired by the Duke, found it in like 5 minutes just laying on the ground by Stonehenge. Apparently, nobody in generations has visited Stonehenge to find a fancy fucking ring just laying around.

With VENOM now in control of the three rings, it hopes a secret door in a mountain that is filled with incredible lost treasure. Like the kind you expect to find in sunken ships. One-Eyed Willie kind of fucking treasure.

MASK gets to the treasure, Miles Mayhem swears revenge and The Duke uses the treasure to rebuild the failed English economy.


Yo. First off, for real…who the fuck is Matt Trakker?! What are these many factories of his producing? What kind of business is the motherfucker running? Why did he move all these jobs overseas? Does he hate America? Matt Trakker, I’ve got madddddddd fucking questions for you, bro. I kind of don’t trust you. What’s your fucking end game here?

As for the rest of the episode…I don’t care. It was fucking lame.


Never skateboard in the street. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

**. And even that feels like a generous grade. Fucking rings just inserted into the tops of Stonehenge that unlock treasure. Get the fuck outta here. Let’s focus more on where Matt Trakker gets all this fucking money.

That’s it for today. A real shit episode. I’m starting to think that Matt Trakker is actually a double agent and secretly bringing VENOM with him to all these countries so they can milk them of their riches and resources. We’ll see how this continues tomorrow.

❤ Joe

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