Episode-A-Day! MASK Ep. 10: “Death From The Sky”

Welcome to another Episode-A-Day feature on CarJoeMez! Today, we’re into double digits! It’s episode of MASK with the demonic title of, “Death From The Sky”!


VENOM captures Air Force 1 using a tractor beam and demands a ransom of $25m in gold to be delivered into their Swiss bank account by the Peaceful Nations Alliance. Right off the bat, I’m fucking hooked because it makes me think of Mel Gibson in the classic, RANSOM!

You have no idea how often I continue to quote this.

Where was I? Oh! MASK…right.

Yeah, so, Matt Trakker is watching the news and sees that VENOM is up to no good so he summons the MASK agents best suited for this mission. MASK is able to catch an SOS from the Army, but not before VENOM is able to steal a top-secret magnet that will enhance their tractor beam and allow Miles Mayhem to control a comet and destroy the planet.

Trakker uses the MASK computer to track VENOM’s broadcast location and the team squads battle it out. VENOM ends up retreating as MASK blows up the weapon and the comet is then sent off track and no longer poses a threat to Earth while Mayhem flies away basically shaking his fist like Dr. Claw pledging that he’ll win next time.


I loved this. It was pure 80s cheese done well and allowed me to reference both Mel Gibson and Inspector Gadget, both of which I love. I hope every episode going forward allows me to do the same.


Ride with traffic when on a bicycle. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

*** 1/2* on the Meltzer! A new record for a MASK episode! Definitely my favorite episode thus far and hopefully more will stay along the tone of this one.

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